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If you’re in the EAM space, you will be aware that the Maximo® Application Suite is coming soon. But what’s all the fuss about? What are the fundamental shifts which MAS-8 is said to be bringing – and how will that affect you?

IBM are heralding the Suite as enabling rapid deployments, embracing new cloud technologies such as elastic cloud, and harnessing AI and IoT technology to increase performance. Here is Peacock Engineering’s take on what MAS-8 offers you and how it may impact on your Cloud strategy.

Condition-Based Maintenance

IBM Maximo® Application Suite brings you better operational resilience, with condition-based asset maintenance to improve your ROI.

The next big step-change in asset management is AI-based monitoring of assets, to enable predictive maintenance across your whole enterprise asset base. IBM Maximo® Application Suite, also known as Maximo® 8, introduces a new level of AI.

Maximo® Asset Monitor, part of the suite, can automatically monitor all your assets remotely using IoT technology, and schedules maintenance based on the conditions you set.

Maximo® Asset Monitor delivers fewer alerts, but with greater accuracy. This reduces your maintenance calls, increases your first-time-fix rate, and provides you with in-depth insights into underlying maintenance issues and root causes.

Remote monitoring using IoT can save a huge amount of staff time, while simultaneously improving accuracy of reporting – which keeps your asset base better maintained, increases life cycles, and improves your ROI.

For any legacy assets where IoT monitoring is not an option, Maximo’s AI engine can analyse your manual inputs to predict potential issues, with more accuracy, so you still get significant improvements.

  • Remote monitoring using IoT technology
  • Condition-based predictive maintenance
  • Greater accuracy of reporting
  • Fewer maintenance calls
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Cloud Ready, Cloud-Agnostic

IBM Maximo® Application Suite has been designed using Red Hat OpenShift’s run-anywhere module, which enables you to deploy it on any cloud, public or private. So you can deploy using your organisation’s private cloud, or using a third-party provider.

Peacock Engineering are highly experienced in cloud service. We have been providing Maximo® to clients over the cloud for the last ten years. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Security (we have ISO27001)
  • Disaster Recovery, including failover and redundancy provision
  • Supporting third-party integrations such as Azure, AWS and Rackspace
  • Supporting complex systems with high levels of integration
  • Ensuring 24/7/365 system reliability
  • Meeting our SLAs and providing you with great support – our support desk resolves 95% of Managed Cloud support tickets within 2 hours
  • Managing multiple deployments and workstreams concurrently

We also provide our Managed Cloud clients with a range of tools to optimise your cloud installation, including:

  • License management tools
  • Automated testing
  • Flexible Sandbox provision

In Maximo® Application Suite, Maximo® has been rearchitected to unleash new cloud technologies like elastic cloud, rapid deployments and flexible environment provision. Take advantage of containerisation and Kubernates / Openshift to streamline your environment architecture – only pay for Sandboxes, Testing, SIT and Pre-Production environments when you need them, and get much more agility to deliver more service quicker.

Powerful Add-Ons to tailor Maximo® to your needs

You can extend the value of IBM Maximo® with advanced, integrated management tools, suitable for your organisation. These include:

  • Maximo® Scheduler – plan, schedule, dispatch and track work efficiently
  • Maximo® Health Safety and Environment Manager – integrate health, safety and environment processes with asset management and central reporting for all incidents
  • Maximo® ERP Adapter – connect Maximo® to SAP or Oracle systems, for an end-to-end integration solution
  • Maximo® Linear Asset Manager – manage linear assets using dynamic segmentation. Track labour, materials, work orders and tools charges by linear measure
  • Maximo® Spatial Asset Management – view complex GIS information, and visualise information through a geospatial context of work which shows assets and relevant land-based features
  • Maximo® Service Provider – a suite of applications that Manage customer agreements, service delivery, customer billing and supplier contracts
  • Maximo® Asset Configuration Manager – real-time calculation of an asset’s configuration and the life of each component of the asset
  • Maximo® Calibration – calibrate instruments and tools with this add-on
  • Work Centers – now you can configure optimised Work Center screens for different roles in your organisation, which reduces the learning curve and gets your staff up to speed with Maximo® much faster
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IBM Maximo® Application Suite is a market-leading asset management platform that uses advanced AI and IoT data to improve your assets’ operational availability, and reduce your operational risks.

You can operate high-value physical assets with visibility and control across your enterprise to optimise performance, extend life cycles, and reduce operational downtime and costs.

With IBM Maximo’s range of deployment models, you can maintain all your asset types no matter where they are and set up new assets quickly, to provide maximum uptime, lower costs and minimised risk.

If you want to understand your roadmap for Maximo® Application Suite, and how this will dovetail with your Cloud strategy, please give us a call.

Peacock Engineering are experts in IBM Maximo® deployment, and also provide the class-leading Fingertip Mobile EAM solution, which extends your IBM Maximo® installation into the field, and enables real-time asset data for all of your IBM Maximo® users.

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